Seeking perfection is the right way of life, many think. But sooner or later almost everyone realizes that perfection cannot be reached. Perfection is best left to gods.
To live in this world peacefully, we have to learn to live our lives imperfect, incomplete and impermanent. That way of thinking applies to all aspects of life, including my spare room full old stuff, my photography and my writing.
Striving for perfection is very strong in our minds - just imagine what you feel when you cannot finish reading a book, or how hard to begin writing on a plain white paper. And how easier it gets when the ink has made even a tiny mark. How difficult to choose the ten best picture out of a hundred, or how difficult to switch to a new webpage design without incorporating the older contents.
Living your life knowing that it's natural for everything to change gives a comfortable feeling. And many times it helps to take the first step on a long path which leads to... well, which is a path to take. Helps to finish your work, or make a choice at last.
Being imperfect, incomplete and impermanent means being alive.

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